Monday, 18 March 2013

Hotel Hospitality & Cuisines of Kolkata Are World Famous

Kolkata is the third largest metropolitan city of India. It is situated in West Bengal and is one of the famous tourist destinations with wonderful places around for a tourist to visit and enjoy. This city has been nicknamed as the “City of Joy” and is rich in art, culture, food, music, and literature. Being one of the busiest metros, the city is a prominent business center and hence experiences quite a good number of business travelers too.
Casa Fortuna: Hotel in Kolkata, West Bengal India
There is no dearth of India. Kolkata hotels hold a special place in their elegant atmosphere and heartwarming hospitality. There are different types of hotels for different people. People who can afford a luxurious lifestyle prefer to stay in star rated hotels or other luxurious hotels like heritage or boutique hotels for the ultimate comfort. For the common people there are hotels within the budget too and they are referred as budget or economy hotels. Kolkata is a global tourist destination and the city not only boasts of good hotels rather there are quite a good number of restaurants in Kolkata.

Compared to other Indian cities, the tariff charges of hotels in Kolkata India are comparatively cheaper. Whatever be the type of hotel, they assure the value for the money to their guests. The serve a wide platter of delicacies and desserts from Bengali, Indian, Chinese and Continental. They give an unforgettable taste and make your experience bliss.