Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Kolkata Restaurants: Vegetarian Delight for Corporate Travellers

Vegetarian Restaurants in Kolkata
With the growing trend in a healthy lifestyle, people are changing their eating habits and vegetarian food is gaining popularity. The trend of adopting a vegetarian lifestyle is certainly here to stay for a long time. Even if you are travelling for a business meet or joining your colleagues for a conference, you can certainly maintain a healthy vegetarian diet. There are many places in India that provide a wide spread of delicious and healthy vegetarian delicacies; however the city of joy, Kolkata tops the list when it comes to scrumptious veggie delights!

There are many Vegetarian restaurants in Kolkata that are situated within the boutique hotels; these offer a variety of vegetarian dishes that are a treat to the palette. From Indian cuisines to the wide selection of Continental and Chinese fare, you will have a gamut of options to taste from.

These restaurants not only offer a lavish buffet of delectable vegetarian delicacies but also provide you with a soothing ambience. You can gorge on succulent kebabs or savour the delicious paneer tikkas amidst comfortable fine dining settings. However, to enhance your dining experience, you can also explore the cocktail menu and enjoy a drink to refresh your spirit.

So if you are planning a visit to the land of River Hooghly for a formal event, do book your stay at one of these vegetarian boutique hotels in Kolkata and make your business trip a culinary delight.