Friday, 25 July 2014

Hotel Casa Fortuna Deemed As One Of The Best Hotels In Ballygunge Kolkata

While an elderly man sweats over one of the most ancient form of transportations, a hand-pulled rickshaw, a swanky four-wheeler passes by! And that is Kolkata for you, a contrasting picture of new and old that has captivated frolickers and business travelers from across the globe and in recent past also the world of celluloid. Thus, while couples walking together clasping their hands is a common sight, so is an executive scurrying from one place to another clad in formal attire. Similarly, who can forget the captivating Howrah Bridge making its proud presence felt even in the magical reel world- Bollywood movies Barfi, Yuva, Gunday and these are only some of the recent examples of this.

Hotels In Ballygunge Kolkata

If you too are allured by the captivating charm of Kolkata and are planning to visit the city, above everything else, you need a perfect lodging option. Though the city is flooded with accommodation options of all types, nothing will meet your objective better than Hotel Casa Fortuna, which is considered one of the classiest boutique hotels in Ballygunge Kolkata. An upmarket and elite locality in South Kolkata, Ballygunge is perfect for experiencing the plush life people enjoy in the city.
In addition, Hotel Casa Fortuna has also etched its name in the list of most sought after hotels near Kolkata airport. A large number of travelers are allured by the cozy ambience, convenient address and comfort of Hotel Casa Fortuna. Thus, perfect for enjoying the best of the bygone era, contemporary luxuries as well as the city, Hotel Casa Fortuna will certainly be second to only your home.