Monday, 27 April 2015

My Number One Choice in Kolkata Hotels

Perhaps the one Kolkata Hotel that I have a fond memory of is Hotel Casa Fortuna. This place has always captivated my senses. It is a quaint little hotel which offers me every single thing that I need. No extra frills or any of that unnecessary hoo-ha’s that hotels go along with. But, don’t get me wrong, I do love the service standards that these guys possess. It’s all about spreading smiles and filling tummies and what better way to get a person to smile than to give him a lavish dining experience.
Kolkata Hotels
Out of all the Hotel rooms in Kolkata, Hotel Casa Fortuna possesses that close to home comfort. The rooms have just the right things for a person to enjoy their stay. Room service is quick and very courteous. The in room dining is amazing and of course their beds are simply sublime. Of course, you can’t forget their very special Casa Kitchen restaurant. The food here is just ‘magnifique’. It serves only veggie items but each and every single dish is presented with utmost class and the taste is of course unique and delicious. I loved the way they served the food there, everyone had a smile on their face and the ambiance was very cozy. This is one particular reason why I love Hotel Casa Fortuna the best among all the Kolkata hotels.

The food always brings me back here. That’s why whenever I am looking for hotel rooms in Kolkata, I look no further than Hotel Casa Fortuna.