Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Classy Hotels in Kolkata near Park Street Offer Savvy Guests Global Facilities

When you choose to spend a fun-filled holiday in colourful, crowded and charming Kolkata with its rich cultural heritage, classic character and plethora of splendid restaurants and shopping places, you cannot do better than check into hotels in Kolkata near Park Street with their lively ambience and multitude of munificent comforts.

Such hotels in Kolkata and particularly hotels in Kolkata near Park Street, situated strategically in proximity to many offices and locations of corporate interests, facilitating the successful conclusion of work commitments, look after their guests with proactive consideration and are conveniently accessible.

In elegantly furnished, lavishly spaced and deliciously air-conditioned rooms, wired for maximum comfort and enhanced stays, there exists a unique system of a melange of in-room amenities plus extra conveniences you can long for. The latter category includes useful items of everyday use such as a weighing scale, room heater, an adapter for foreign appliances and extension cords, as well as a hairdryer, scissors, nail cutter and safety pins, broadband wire, packing tape and umbrella to shield you against the vagaries of the weather. With bathroom amenities including a handy shaving and dental kit, bathroom slippers and large size towels to envelop you comfortingly, munificent  room features ensuring your safety, such as electronic key card locks, electronic safes, a round the clock security guard, fire alarms and a well-designed fire-hydrant system, hotels in Kolkata guard your well-being meticulously!  Securely ensconced in hotels in Kolkata near Park Street, explore famous cultural sights like Victoria Memorial, Marble Palace, Science City, Indian Museum and prolific libraries.